Your Recruitment Business Platform.

First of its kind – the essential all-in-one cloud-based toolkit for recruiters to fly. All the processes, templates, data, communication tools and analytics seamlessly built in as standard. One solution, one subscription – substantial savings.

Designed by recruiters, for recruiters.
Just log in and go.

Data stays with the business,
not the individual.

Never lose critical information or relationships from your business again.
Ensure all your key and confidential information is captured in one place and isn’t lost across consultants’ personal devices. Everything automatically resides within the platform.

True mobility

Whether your starting a new conversation from your desktop or picking one up on your mobile. Everything is synced and secured within the platform.

Communication suite

Never miss a beat; email, voice, video, SMS & Whatsapp at your fingertips.

Communication suite

First mover advantage may be the difference between success and failure. Stay on top of things, as correspondence through traditional channels and pacier social media apps are automatically logged and merged into one logical conversational flow. Nothing gets lost. Simply glance at what’s been said before, and then click to respond through your chosen channel. No need to leave the platform for a video call, or discreetly send a WhatsApp link. It’s all built in.

Single conversation thread

All of your interactions merged and logged into one logical conversation flow.

Single conversation thread

All of your interactions merged and logged into one logical conversation flow.

The highest professional standards.

Entire recruitment process driven from one future-proof platform.
Go beyond conventional applicant tracking or relationship management systems – have all the tools to move candidates and clients seamlessly along the process at your fingertips. Wherever you choose to work.

Drive the conversation

Engage, communicate and drive the conversation with clients and candidates in an enhanced and time-efficient way like never before. All the communication tools a recruiter needs beautifully integrated into each and every step of the recruitment journey.

Best practice templates

Process templates and guidance built into each step of the of the recruitment lifecycle to ensure, accuracy & success.

Full integration and control.

Cutting-edge technologies, through one easy-to-manage subscription.
With an intelligent Salesforce backend, now any size recruitment business can enjoy access to the smartest technology, without costs spiralling. No need for multiple suppliers, licenses and integration projects.

Built on the world’s number one CRM

Hire Genius offers total control; enabling businesses enterprise to micro to leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive the highest service standards. All future proofed and underpinned by an intelligent Salesforce backend.

Powered by

All built-in

Remove inefficiency. Remove complexity. Remove the cost of bolting on ancillary software and services to complete the picture. Simply subscribe, log in and go.

No more costly & inefficient tech stacks

All a recruiter needs, to do their job brilliantly; one subscription, better value, a marked leap in performance.

As standard Hire Genius replaces up to eight products in a typical recruiters tech stack; as a result saving up to 50% per year on licence costs.Not to mention the cost and management of integration, ongoing vendor management and support contracts.

On average recruiters also report a significant uplift in productivity. The rise in professional standards, well that’s trickier to measure, but recruiters, clients and candidates clearly experience it.

Conventional recruiter tech stack

Hire Genius all-in-one solution

Recruiter first perspective.

Our lens is markedly different; recruiter first - both the consultant and the recruitment business.
Driving efficiencies, productivity, insight and ultimately opportunity on their behalf. Every workflow and action, each pixel and piece of data that is presented has been carefully considered and meticulously designed with one sole purpose - to clear the recruiter’s path of all obstacles so that they can focus on what they are rewarded to do.

Reporting & analytics

Each consultant’s interactions and engagements are automatically logged and translated into reporting metrics. Freeing them up from mundane data entry. This data can be cut in anyway a recruiter might imagine. The more the platform is used the more comprehensive the picture.

All built-in

Hire Genius ensures technology serves recruiters, and not the other way around. Giving control back within an increasingly fast-moving marketplace, by packaging up all the essential tools to operate more effectively at pace – and all on one platform. Wherever people need to work – at home or the office.

Our inspiration

Founded by leaders of successful international recruitment agencies, Hire Genius was born from an industrywide frustration; to date technology has hampered recruiters; clunky user experiences and manual data entry taking valuable time away from what matters, building trusted client and candidate relationships. Historically technology has slowed the recruiter down.

Our mission today

Recruiter first. No gimmicks. We free-up the recruiter from the mundane manual tasks, whilst incorporating the highest levels of candidate and client service experience and analytics – for both the consultants and business owners. Delivering an automated and seamless experience every step the way.

Hire Genius design

With Salesforce at its core and honed through consultation with recruitment businesses (big and small), our platform is the result of recruiters, designers and technologists working hand-in-hand. Painstakingly obsessing about the detail. No integration required, no software downloads, simply subscribe and transform the
operational backbone of your business.

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